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Trip activities include:


  • Medical and dental checkups, nutrition training.


  • Installing water filters, cooking stoves, beds, and latrines.


  • Volunteer work at the community farm/garden.


  • Sewing machine training, English/computer classes and other activities at the school or in the community.



Oncoming trips

  • ​Nov 2019               3 to 10                Guatemala

  • January 2020          5 to 11                Guatemala

  • Feb. 2020                 4 to  9                 Ecuador 

  • March                     18 to 22                Puerto Rico 

  • April                        19 to 25                Guatemala

  • April-May                 25 to 2                 Ecuador 

  • May                         17 to 23                Guatemala

  • May-June                  31 to 7                Guatemala

  • June                        21 to 27                Puerto Rico

  • July                           6 to 11                 Panama

  • July                         19 to 25                 Guatemala

  • August                        2 to 8                 Mexico

  • September                8 to 13                Panama

  • October                     11 to 7                Mexico

  • November               17 to 23                Guatemala

Woodland invites you to participate in the International Volunteer Trips to

Guatemala, Ecuador, Panama,

Puerto Rico and Mexico


Volunteer trips are suspended until further notice due the Coronavirus.  For more information and to learn how to support Woodland programs or to become a volunteer contact jorgec@woodlandcharity.org


Volunteers will unify efforts with local leaders and families of Guatemala, Ecuador or Panama to implement the access to Education, Health and Safe Drinking Water.


Every month Woodland welcomes volunteers such as Family Physicians, Nurses, Dentists, Lab Technicians, Med Students, Rotarians, Engineers, Teachers, Social Workers, Corporate teams and Non- Medical volunteers.


Duration and cost of the trip:


  • Each team needs a minimum of 5 individuals registered.


  • The cost for 7 days (1 week) is $825 per person to Guatemala or Puerto Rico and $950 per person to Panama or Ecuador or Mexico. (includes in-country expenses: meals, lodging, ground transportation, translators, program administration expenses and evacuation insurance)


  • Bi-lingual volunteers are encouraged to participate.


  • Volunteers are responsible for purchasing their own round trip airplane ticket from the U.S. to Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, or Panama.


* Please do not purchase your airplane ticket until approved by team coordinator.








Woodland engages volunteers to empower communities!



Submit registration 4 weeks before the trip date

with a $100 non-refundable deposit.


Make checks payable to:

Woodland Public Charity

and send it to: Westside-Woodland

2130-B Jefferson Street KC. MO. 64108


For more information contact Jorge D. Coromac at:

jorgec@woodlandcharity.org or jorgecoromac17@gmail.com