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The Central and South America Program


Access to Education, Health, and Safe Drinking Water

Access to Health

For the last years Woodland partners with local and international volunteers to provide basic medical care to people less fortunate in  Mexico, Puerto Rico, Ecuador  and Panama.

Every month a team of volunteers from the USA travels to support this program with the collaboration with local nurses and community health volunteers.


Access to health includes: medical checkups, dental care, eye exams, hearing test, pre and post neonatal care, and education around preventive medicine, hygiene, and sanitation.


Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Response


In collaboration with local and international organizations Woodland deploys volunteers to support the victims of natural disasters in Central -South America and the Caribbean  such as hurricanes, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, floods/mudslides, etc.


To respond to these types of emergencies Woodland requests volunteers and donations to provide basic supplies: food, water filters, bedding items and medicine.

Local and International Volunteer Opportunities

Woodland encourages local and international volunteers to participate in a hands-on experiences in the local programs implemented in the Greater Kansas City area, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Ecuador,  and Panama.


Woodland welcomes volunteers each month to engage such as:  Family Physicians, Nurses, Dentists, Lab Technicians, Med Students, Rotarians, Engineers, Teachers, Social Workers, Corporate teams and Non- Medical volunteers.


Access to Safe Drinking Water

In collaboration with local and international organizations Woodland is providing access to water filters to families and schools in Mexico, Puerto Rico,  Ecuador  and Panama.


The water filters have the capacity to purify 15 liters of water every 45 minutes and eliminates parasites and viruses. With a proper maintenance and use the water filter will last for decades.


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