Woodland Public Charity Board of Directors


Woodland Board of Directors
Woodland Public Charity has elected its new Board of Directors and Officers.  The new Board Members and officers are:


President: Ann Zimmerman                Treasurer: Angel Carter

Vice-President: Greg Peterson           Secretary: Diana Reyes

Program  Officer: Dr. Chet Johnson   Program Officer: Andrea Tresner

Program Officer: Dr. Carlos Monzon

All the Directors and Officers bring an amazing leadership and experience to support the organization mission with programs, establishing partnerships, strategic planning, financial planning and financial reports.

With twenty years of experience coordinating and leading humanitarian programs with nonprofit/profit organizations at local, national and international levels, Jorge,  brings diverse methodologies and resources which focus on promoting capacity building, leadership engagement, community participatory programs and sustainable initiatives.


In June 2011 Jorge received the “Guatemala Peace Ambassador award” for his extensive work in the country leading a Water Sanitation, Hygiene and Access to Health Program and for leading humanitarian efforts during natural disaster caused by hurricanes and tropical depressions.



Jorge D. Coromac

Executive Director


As a Guatemala native, Jorge earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications-Professional Journalism from San Carlos University, a Master’s Degree in History and Social Sciences from Del Valle University, and a Teaching Degree in Physical Education. Jorge has also gone through FEMA training in the National Incident Management System, Incident Command System and the Initial Actions Incident programs and the Cancer Ambassador program from the University of Kansas.


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